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National Motivational Speaker Presents at Southside

Southside Academy Charter School recently welcomed nationally-recognized motivational speaker, Aric Jackson, to the school for two presentations on pursuing goals and dreams.

Jackson addressed Southside’s students during an assembly in the gymnasium. This presentation focused on his “Don’t be Scared” program, which encourages kids to give 110 percent in their lives. The second presentation, which took place in the evening after school, addressed parents and guardians about leading kids to pursue their dreams.

“This event impacted our students in a deep way. The stories told by Aric hit close to home and most of our students were able to relate to the trials and hardships experienced by Aric,” said Chrystal Guarasci, sixth- through eighth-grade dean at Southside. “Students learned that we all build this box around us, and we need to give 110% in order to tear down our own box... that essentially stands in our own way.”

For over a decade, people have been inspired and motivated by the words of Mr. Aric Jackson. His mission is to teach, inspire, and encourage all those who hear him, and to take the challenge of helping others pursue their goals and dreams.

“Aric Jackson was amazing,” said JT Houston, student and family liaison at Southside. “His gift for connecting with our audience was the best we have ever seen.”

Jackson has spent his career traveling across the United States and Canada speaking to over 200,000 students, with a mission of “preparing the next generation to live well and lead boldly”. He is committed to making a difference in the lives of youth and encouraging them to take on their dreams and achieve them.

“We thank him for his compassionate speech on his personal journey from the South Side of Chicago, to overcoming adversity, and becoming one of the top speakers in the country,” said Houston. “He left an impression that will last a lifetime.”