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Regent Park Scholars Charter Academy Makes Science Spooktacular

Science was made spooktacular for students at Regent Park Scholars Charter Academy during their fall festival.

Mad Science Group Inc. visited Regent Park to connect science to their fall festival. Mad Science brings science education to millions of children each year and is a convenient way to offer students a hands-on and fun science experience. Their science workshops offer professional lesson plans, unique equipment, and dynamic instructors.

Students learned the science behind making cotton candy, slime, and dry ice. They also learned about electrons, conductors, and insulators with plasma balls. In addition, students created series circuits to connect electricity and did an electrical maze.   

“We can create a fun activity for students and connect science to it, so students have a memorable way to remember the important role science plays in our everyday lives,” said Crystal Byse, principal at Regent Park. 

Over 200 families gathered for the event, which was open to all Regent Park students and their families, as well as the community. 

Students were able to paint pumpkins, experience a "haunted stage," participate in various science experiments, and collect candy while wearing costumes.

“It is important to us to provide fun, free, and safe activities for our community where kids can experience the joy of learning and being a kid,” said Byse.

Way to go, Regent Park!