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Regent Park Teacher Combines Words and Dance for a Rap Introduction

Putting words and rhyme together accompanied by viral dance moves, this Regent Park Scholars Charter Academy physical education teacher took a creative approach in introducing herself to her students. This is Juanita Cochran’s first year in her role at Regent Park and her inspiration behind the song was wanting to connect with the students in a way that would interest them. Her initial thought was, “Other teachers around the country have created these cool raps to connect and engage with their students, why can’t I?”

Engaging with students in a fun, creative way is so important to Cochran because it keeps them interested. “My video was intended to be an attention grabber. I asked myself, ‘How do I get my students excited for school and online gym?’” she said. “We are currently living in such unprecedented times that have altered and changed all of our lives. I believe that being able to connect and keep the kids excited for more will keep them focused and engaged in schoolwork.”

The remix was based on a viral, hit song. 

School back in, Ms. J. the new teacher

Ima show you how to make this gym time reach ya

You might be out of shape, but Ms. J. is gonna getcha

I specialize in hoops, but a challenge never tinder

Virtual learning cause we're in a pandemic

but ya education important so we gotta get this in ya

Six-feet apart and you gotta wear a mask

It's all for your safety you ain’t even gotta ask

You know here at the "PARK" we are fully staffed

To support all your need and to help you pass!

Make sure you do your work, login on time,

we have to be on point this ain’t no easy grind.



Regent Park kicked off its 2020-21 school year operating in a remote setting where scholars learn online. While teaching online can be challenging, teachers are stepping up to the plate to take a creative approach that is attention-grabbing and engages students from a distance.

Crystal Byse, principal at Regent Park, shared that she is excited for her school community to embark and conquer this unchartered territory of online learning. “My teachers have taken this situation with grace and urgency and are making the dream work!” she said.

Cochran reflects on her first day of school and is blown away at the support she has received from her coworkers in transitioning to a new position. “The staff at Regent Park, including our great leader, encouraged me to follow through with my video, in addition to our wonderful specials team that has assisted me in preparing for my students,” she said.