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Pinnacle Academy Third-Grade Teacher Starts the Year with Special Camp

Teacher Heather Kurtz at Pinnacle Academy started her third-grade class for the year with her scholars attending Camp Learn-a-Lot. She got very creative in what she did with her classroom.

Students started the day decorating a little keepsake made of a tree while eating their breakfast. Then, they all circled around the “campfire” to do a read aloud story, “Thank you, Mr. Falker.”
Students then went on a bear hunt back to their seats using the classic “going on a bear hunt” song. They took out their flashlights after the hunt and wrote beneath the “stars,” which included writing and revising their personal narratives in the darkened classroom while only using the light of their flashlights.

Scholars could take turns being in tents, around a campfire, and working by the light of lanterns. In a shared reading, they focused on a fun story about a speedy snail and used their flashlights to find the character’s motivation.
For math the students focused on missing addends in the camping theme math stories. The school day ended
in intervention by creating a quick write story on what it would be like to sleep in a tent under the stars.

“Students had fun experiencing a different set up full of flex seating inside a tent throughout the day,” said Kurtz. “We can’t wait to continue our transformation classroom theme days throughout the year.”