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Principal Erin Dixon

Principal Erin Dixon has a deep desire to see children experience a safe and positive educational experience, and to find a place where they feel genuinely loved. That’s why our students at Fortis Academy are in for a real treat!

Principal Dixon also believes that maintaining a stance of respect between students and adults can help to cultivate real growth. “The best advice I’ve ever received was to always explain “why.” Whether it is to students about an assignment, to parents about a change in school procedures, or to a staff member about something they’re concerned with.” Practicing genuine respect not only helps people cultivate open communication, it keeps expectations and appreciation clear.

Watching her students grow to be responsible young men and women is one of Principal Dixon’s favorite parts of serving as principal. “Whether it is in academics — such as reading fluency or seeing a child express gratitude for their teacher’s hard work,” she appreciates playing a critical and long-term relationship with her students and staff. She also believes parental involvement is key to achieving student success. “Students need care and support at home, with everything from a consistent routine, bedtimes and meals to high expectations for their effort and behavior in school.”

Here are a few more things about Principal Dixon:

  • Her favorite quote is “Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term results.”
  • She loves deep dish barbecue chicken pizza from Jets and watching anything created by the Marvel franchise.
  • She has a bachelor’s degree in Earth Science from Michigan State and a secondary teaching certificate. She also has a Master’s in Educational Leadership from Marygrove College.
  • Principal Dixon loves the color green.
  • Even though her favorite season is Summer, her favorite holiday is still Christmas.