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This is Carlos Hall: Principal at Canton Preparatory High School

Some of the very best leaders emerge out of difficulty. That was the case for Carlos Hall.
Fresh out of high school, Carlos took a full-time job with Chrysler. He worked there for 11 years before pursuing his goal of becoming an educator. He attended Wayne State, went on to Eastern Michigan for his teaching certification in secondary mathematics, and received a master’s in administration and supervision from University of Phoenix…but it was a bumpy first teaching job that lit a real fire in him.
Feeling unsupported and in over their heads, Hall and his colleagues – all new teachers – found themselves turning to each other for guidance. “I originally had no plans to leave the classroom, but that experience sparked in me a flame for administration. I saw a real need for good leadership.” The whole experience dovetailed naturally into his desire to provide support and help people.
“It’s a huge part of my personality to provide support. I want to make sure everyone receives what they need to reach their full potential, to be the best they can be. For staff, families, and students, I want to be that support…[to connect them with] whatever they need to be successful and accomplish all they set out to do. Every day I go in with the goal of making Canton Prep the best option we can be for every student. It’s my goal to connect with every student every day and give them the best possible education they could receive. I want Canton Prep to be the #1 choice in our community.”
When Mr. Hall isn’t hard at work, he enjoys recharging with a little golf, and spending time with his wife and two daughters. Currently, he’s the assistant coach for his 9-year old’s soccer team. “They had a need so even though I’ve never even watched it on TV, I stepped in to help as coach. I’ve been watching videos on how to lead a practice. It’s been a lot of fun.”
Just another of example of Carlos Hall’s care for others – grabbing the reins to provide support, wherever it’s needed.