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Timberland Scholar Plays in Youth Football All-American Tournament

Sports offer athletes valuable life lessons and can take them all over the country. One Timberland Charter Academy scholar took part in one of these special experiences.
Atraeyol Mayweather, a fifth-grade student at Timberland, was selected as a D1 Nation All-American and played in a youth football tournament event. Mayweather traveled from Muskegon, Michigan, to DeSoto, Texas, for the event.

Artraeyol Mayweather.
Atraeyol Mayweather, a fifth-grade scholar at Timberland Charter Academy, participated in the D1 Nation All-American youth football tournament.

The tournament featured games over the course of six days and Mayweather’s team fought hard, earning medals and a top-10 national finish with a group of athletes younger than their competition. Mayweather also competed in the skills competition, finishing fourth overall in the Fastest Man race.
Mayweather’s mother Camilla Croschere said the team was also challenged by an unpredictable week of weather in Texas.
“We got some weather that was chilling to the bone,” Croschere said. “I would have rather had the snow. We went from 65-degree weather for three days to minus 2 degrees.”
The weather wasn’t the only obstacle for Mayweather’s team. His team only had 11 players, meaning every athlete had to be on the field for every play. The team fittingly used January’s Moral Focus virtue of Perseverance to overcome the roadblock and keep competing.
Mayweather won a medal for his efforts in the tournament, as he and his teammates overcame many obstacles.Mayweather won a medal for his efforts in the tournament, as he and his teammates overcame many obstacles.
Timberland’s newest D1 Football All-American earned the opportunity through his play on the field as well as his academic excellence. D1 Nation emphasized good grades as a part of its program, and Mayweather had no problem meeting that standard.
Mayweather’s fifth-grade teacher Leroy Kreigh II said he is a good student and is always on top of his learning. Kreigh said in the lead-up to the trip, Mayweather and Croschere made sure to get the scholar ahead on his work instead of being a week behind.
This achievement has made all of Timberland proud and Kreigh said these extracurricular accomplishments give him another touch point with students.
“I've mentioned to him and other students that play football that if they can work that hard in football, they can work that hard in class and with their tests,” Kreigh said. “Seeing students succeed this way makes me want to work harder with them.”
Dedicated scholars like Mayweather and encouraging educators like Kreigh have helped Timberland outperform the local district for three years.
“I am so proud of him,” Croschere said. “For him to have the grades he has and the leadership he shows in class and on the field, he just proves he is a great student-athlete, a great student, and a great friend.”
Mayweather, a tight end and safety on the field, had help from his coaches who nominated him for this accolade and to participate in the tournament. He plays with Muskegon Elite and is coached by John Lang, Clayton Ingram, and Marshawn Burr Sr.
“I just want to thank his coaches,” Croschere said. “When Atraeyol started playing football, he was scared to hit anyone. Now he got to participate in an All-American event. I just want to thank them for the hard work they put in with Atraeyol. Without them, he would not be the player he is today.”

D1 Nation’s All-American youth football event took place for one week in DeSoto, Texas.

Congratulations, Atraeyol! Way to represent Timberland!
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