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Stambaugh Charter Pilots New Science Learning Program

Ms. Genifer Shulas, fifth and sixth-grade science teacher at Stambaugh Charter Academy, is piloting a new science-learning program for her students called StemScopes K-12. This interactive science program provides engaging lessons for students and also aligns with the state’s academic standards. The program offers multiple features for both students and teachers.

“The program design allows students to do their lesson online or on a printed version,” said Shulas. “I use both in my classroom and it works well. We also use an interactive notebook and the students have their own journals and student guides. The guides are a great source for peer to peer interaction.”

StemScopes also provides interactive games that require students to manipulate and move things on the screen and type answers to open-ended questions.

Ms. Shulas says that the new program’s mix of activities and question-answers is helping to develop students’ understandings of classroom concepts. She is especially enthusiastic about how this program is paying off for students as they look towards upcoming state tests.

The program also allows for students to complete an assignment and send it to Ms. Shulas for instant feedback. She can then collect data from the assignments and assess if the concept is being grasped or if it needs further classroom review.

“Ms. Shulas has taken on this new initiative and implemented it with much success,” said Stambaugh Charter Academy Principal Landon Brown. “I’m excited to see her students’ results.”

“I have been able to see students that struggle in other subjects really excel and enjoying coming to science class,” Shulas said. “It makes me feel really good that they enter my room ready to learn!”