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Cancer Patients Receive Valentine's From South Pointe Scholars

On Valentine’s Day, nearly 400 cancer patients at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center received special cards from South Pointe scholars.

Over the past two weeks, students from each South Pointe grade level had the opportunity to make a card for the Cancer Center patients.

The cards were brought to the Center and put into gift bags called Bags of Cheer. All oncology patients who came to an appointment in the Cancer Center or who were admitted to the U-M  Hospital on Feb. 14 received one of the Bags of Cheer.

“All of the valentines are handmade, and the patients are so touched by the thoughtfulness and care that have gone into them,” said Patty Worpell, a social worker at the hospital, who has a student at South Pointe. “The pictures and words the children put on the valentines are so encouraging and sweet.”

Each year the students create the cards, Worpell delivers them to the hospital.

“While I was working at our Cancer Center, I saw firsthand how much joy all of the donated valentine cards brought to the patients,” said Worpell.

She suggested the idea to her son’s teacher several years ago and the tradition has continued each year since.
While students are using their creative side, they are also putting into practice many Moral Focus virtues – compassion, respect, and gratitude.