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South Canton Scholar Honored for Outstanding Emergency Response

The quick thinking and responsible actions of one student helped save their mother’s life. Rylynn Hill, a third-grader at South Canton Scholars, was honored for her responsible reaction to a crisis in her own home.
When Hill’s mother, Delicia Stephens, had a medical emergency, Hill sprung into action, calling 911 immediately. She then put away her family’s two golden retrievers and cleared a path for emergency personnel. When police and paramedics arrived, Hill made sure to tell them to avoid using latex gloves because of Stephens’ latex allergy.
“Although I was unconscious during this time, she remained calm and helped paramedics when they arrived,” Stephens said of her daughter. “As I regained consciousness, I could hear her speaking to the police and informing them of the medication she was aware I was taking, my age, full name, and date of birth.”
Hill’s excellent response was praised by the Canton Public Safety Department, who came to school and had a special presentation to honor the third-grade scholar.
All of the first responders who witnessed Hill’s response were in attendance as she was honored with a Young Heroes award.

Rylynn Hill was honored with a Young Heroes award, setting an example for how to react in an emergency.

Hill’s actions are an example when it comes to emergency response, and South Canton Dean of Upper Elementary Katie Ruwe said the school was amazed to learn of Hill’s story.
“I think other students can learn foundationally how they can make an impact in big moments,” Ruwe said. “That's what we teach them through our Moral Focus virtues, and how they can show kindness, gratitude, and respect in a variety of circumstances. Rylynn persevered through this trauma of seeing her mom go through an emergency and did all the right things.”
Stephens said she truly feels like Hill saved her life with her on-the-spot decision-making and that she is so proud of her daughter.
“She’s deserving of this award indeed,” Stephens said. “I hope more children continue to learn the importance of what to do in a time of emergency.”
Congratulations, and thank you so much for setting a great example, Rylynn!
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