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River City Scholars Win West MI Basketball Tournament

The River City Scholars boys’ basketball A-team is celebrating their first NHA West Michigan Championship after finishing the regular season 9-0. Throughout the season, River City also accomplished a near perfect sportsmanship score.

“This was our first ever championship at River City and we are extremely excited about it," said Bri Boehning, admissions representative at River City Scholars. “Athletics is a huge motivator at our school and this basketball season helped many of our students focus on their grades, so they could stay eligible for both the basketball team and cheer squad.”

The sportsmanship score is given to each team by compiling the scores that are awarded by other teams’ coaches. Each coach provides their competing teams with a score ranging from 1-5. One is usually considered “above and beyond,” 5 demonstrates “sportsmanship concerns,” and 2 is generally considered a “normal” score. River City’s A-team finished the regular season with a score of 2.06, and the B-team finished with a perfect score of 2.00.

“Our school is extremely proud of these scholars and all those who came out to support during the season and the playoffs,” shared Boehning.

The A-team includes nine eighth-graders and one seventh-grader. The B-team, which is celebrating an 8-1 season, includes eight seventh-graders and four sixth-graders. The cheer squad includes four sixth-graders, three seventh-graders, and four eighth-graders.

"Our student-athletes did a tremendous job of working hard as a team," said coaches Greer and Lovelady. "The guys encouraged each other and showed the true meaning of being teammates. We held them to a high standard, and the boys rose to the task and accomplished a great feat for our school. We are extremely proud!"

Way to go, River City Scholars! Keep up the hard work on and off the court.