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River City Visits Blandford Nature Center

First-grade students at River City Scholars Charter Academy made a visit to the Blandford Nature Center. Blandford Nature Center invites the community to enjoy, explore, and learn in nature. Visitors are able to get their hands dirty — whether that be standing knee-high in water to learn about stream ecology or planting squash seeds to start a garden.

River City Scholars were able to see and interact with animals they had never seen before in person, and one group was able to see a herd of white-tail deer.

“It was a great experience for our scholars to be kids, and explore nature in a safe and real-life setting,” said Amanda Dudek, first-grade teacher at River City Scholars Charter Academy. “They were able to run, sing, and explore the different nature paths.”

Students were able to study ponds, and face the challenge of spotting the camouflaged animals.

“It was a really great experience for them, and all of the chaperones who volunteered to go,” said Dudek.