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Positive Relationships Matter to Students, Staff at Pembroke

Much of the daily learning children do is impacted by the relationships they have with their teachers and administrators. It’s a point Pembroke Academy Principal Salwa Kinsey stresses throughout the year: Positive relationships matter. The school outperforms the local district in all subjects and it’s the focus on relationships that helps drive that success.
During a recent visit to a fifth-grade classroom, Kinsey was inspired by the attention to detail and creativity the scholars exhibited. They used their knowledge of ecosystems to create dioramas made of boxes, different colors of paper, animal figurines, and other supplies.

Students work on their ecosystem dioramas during class.

Students were interacting with their teacher and each other in positive ways as they created, which made Kinsey beam with pride.
“It is highly evident that within these classrooms our students feel loved and cared for,” she said. “But they also know that there are goals to meet and that the focus is always on learning, which doesn’t have to be boring.”
Kinsey said it’s incredibly important for students to talk and have a voice, but for class leadership to guide the focus on the standards and learning at hand.
“Highly visible and engaged teachers who keep a clear focus on the objectives at hand while using top-notch instructional practices, it’s what we do here at Pembroke.”
With cotton balls being used for snow and blue paper for streams, the students enjoyed the activity, being able to create a physical environment from the knowledge they retained from their studies.

Students used many different mediums to create their dioramas.

The day was a highlight for students, teachers, and principal alike.
Great work engaging your scholars, Pembroke!

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About Pembroke Academy:
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