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From Substitute Teacher to Principal, Pathway Principal Keith Colbert

Sitting in the principal’s office is not exactly what Keith Colbert had planned on doing at this point in his life. Fortunately, the office is his own and Colbert is happy to be there.
Colbert’s move into the field of education came about as a second career. Colbert started off as a substitute teacher at Pathway School of Discovery and other local schools, and the job turned out to be a great fit.
For two years, Colbert served as a classroom teacher, getting to know the ins and outs of working with students and how to best to make a difference in their lives. Then, the opportunity came along to serve as a dean at Pathway.
As Colbert navigated his new role as dean, he faced a big adjustment: working with adults.
“Moving from teacher to dean has one vast difference, adding adults to the mix,” Colbert said. “You are now managing both students and teachers, so that was a shift.”
After adjusting well to his role as dean, three years later Colbert received the surprising news that he had been named as principal of Pathway.
“Principal was not my first choice actually,” Colbert said. “I had completed 18 hours towards a degree in school counseling when I had the opportunity to become a dean, which eventually led to the principal role.”
From teacher, to dean, to principal, one aspect has stayed the same for Colbert over the last 14 years at Pathway: the support of his NHA family.
“The NHA family has such a shared sense of purpose,” Colbert said. “Everyone is dedicated to the success of our students. Whether a teacher, dean, principal, director of school quality, or Service Center teammate, I’m surrounded by people who share this passion.”
Now in his ninth year as principal, Colbert realizes that maybe this was his purpose all along.
“I believe educating our youth is one of the most important and rewarding jobs a person can have.”​