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Mill Creek Construction Progress

Mill Creek Academy will open in the Fall of 2023 offering grades 4K-5, adding one grade per year through grade eight. In the months leading up to opening, we will be hard at work constructing a building to house our amazing scholars, teachers, and staff. Regular construction updates will be posted below. Check back often to watch the building progress!

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May 10, 2023 Update

  • Flooring is near completion.
  • Work on the curb and gutter are continuing.
  • All utilities have been installed and turned on.
  • Offsite road work has begun. The road that will lead to the school is being paved!
  • Installation of the playground has started.

It's good to see color on those walls! Flooring will be complete soon.

Cabinets are being installed in classrooms.


Curbwork is in progress and looking great! Soon these sidewalks will be full of Mill Creek students.

A Look Inside an NHA School

Check out this preview of what our playground and classrooms will look like! We can't wait to welcome our students this fall.



classroom chairs

classroom desks

classroom rug

classroom table

classroom windows

April 10, 2023 Update

  • All drywall has been hung, taped, and most is ready for paint.
  • Just over half the interior has been painted.
  • Electrical and internet services have been installed and are ready for use.
  • On-site curb and gutter work, and off-site road work have begun.

Mill Creek's building construction progress remains on track!

Interior paint is just over half complete. It's good to see color on those walls!

Electrical and internet services are installed and working throughout the building.

March 9, 2023 Update

  • The building is 100% dried in so all interior work can be completed.
  • Drywall is being installed and is near completion.
  • Interior painting has begun.
  • Interior mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are near completion.

The building is still on track to be finished by mid-Summer.

The building has been dried in, which will allow for all interior work to be completed in spite of weather!

Drywall is near completion and some interior painting has started.

February 7, 2023 Update

  • Building construction is still running on schedule!
  • All wood framing and roofing is complete. 
  • All classroom windows installed.
  • Interior mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation has begun. 
  • Wall insulation has started.
The building is on schedule to be complete by mid-summer. We can't wait to see students and teachers in our hallways!


All windows have been installed.

All wall framing is complete!

January 9, 2023 Update

  • The building is on schedule to be complete by mid-summer 2023.
  • All vertical wall framing and sheathing is complete.
  • Roofing will begin next week.
  • All rough exterior work should be completed by the end of the month.
Windows should be installed by the end of January.

An inside look of the building with the vertical framing near completion.

The roofing will begin soon!

December 5, 2022 Update

  • All framed vertical interior and exterior walls are complete. 
  • Wood roof trusses are being installed starting this week. 
  • The school is on schedule to have shingles for the roof in January 2023.

The empty lot before building construction began.

The walls going up.

Walls are complete and ready for trusses.

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