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Keystone Academy: A School Your Child Deserves

Why Did You Choose Keystone?

Leadership, teachers, and parents choose Keystone for its focus on education and location, but one important reason shines through: it feels like home. From the love the staff feels for the students and the drive they have to help them along on their educational journey, this school is a great place to be.

Keystone – Moral Focus

Keystone Academy students learn about nine Moral Focus virtues throughout the year. Find out what those virtues are and how strongly students, staff, and families feel about adding them to their daily education.

Teachers and Deans share a special bond

The deans at Keystone Academy work to support both teachers and students, and everyone excels when they’re in the classroom. These aren’t vice principals, they’re extra teachers, emotional supporters, professional development instructors, an extra ear for students who need a moment, and they’re at Keystone to support the education of all scholars.

Following her heart

Sixth grade teacher Amanda Robinson recounts the interesting circumstances that brought her to Keystone Academy.

A dynamic principal with vision

Keystone Academy Principal Jorvonna Drain inspires her staff and students with energy, focus, and a vision for her school that encourages everyone to achieve.

The Keystone Student Creed

Our student creed focuses on the responsibility students take for their own education. It’s about academic excellence, moral character and preparing for the future. Hear it from the voices of our scholars.