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Longtime Kindergarten Teacher Retires and Finds New Home at Johnston

Even after retiring, Lisa Moore wasn’t quite ready to stop teaching.
Moore was a public school teacher in the Johnston County area until last school year, when she was ready for a change but still had the desire to stay in the classroom. When an opportunity arose at Johnston Charter Academy, Moore was excited. It gave her the chance to continue being an educator at the grade level she had more than three decades of experience at, and at a school that had just opened in 2018 in a community in which she had strong roots.
Moore began teaching first grade for several years and has taught kindergarten since. Now in her 34th year teaching, she can appreciate how the age group still is engaging.
“Kindergarten is different each year,” she said. “I have found that from the beginning when I first started teaching, kindergarten was basically, ‘Oh, OK. Let's go to school. Let’s learn how to walk in line.
“Now, it’s kind of like a mini first grade. I feel like kindergarten is a lot like first grade was probably 30 years ago. Now, we’re reading and we’re actually writing words. Just seeing the change, I never saw a need to move because each year, I never became complacent. Each year you really have to change it up based on your kids and the kids’ needs. And the curriculum is always changing.”
Even as the curriculum has changed, being able to facilitate a young child’s progression throughout the year has been rewarding for Moore.
“I’ve always kind of been drawn to kids,” she said. “I enjoy seeing them learn and the different aspects of that. From the beginning, it’s been intriguing to teach children not just reading, to your basic skills of being able to socialize and communicate with each other, that kind of thing.”
While she is still in her first year at Johnston, Moore said the progress the students are making is becoming apparent. Moore herself also received some accolades, having been named Gold Star Teacher of the Month by 94.7 WQDR.
“I’m beginning to see lots of successes since we returned (from holiday break),” she said. “This time of the year, the kids begin to turn the curve a little bit.”
Whether it’s working with students on different scales individually or in a small group, Moore said each student’s progress is its own success story.
“Just actually taking that child, from where they come and actually figuring out their strengths and their needs. Then being able to focus on that and being able to push them as far as you can push them,” she said. “That’s my strategy with each kid.”
Keep up the excellent work, Ms. Moore!

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