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Hamtramck Celebrates Earth Week

In observation of Earth Day, the Green Committee decided it was appropriate for Hamtramck Academy to host an Earth Week by making it a spirit week. The Green Committee is composed of Hamtramck Academy staff members who coordinate activities and design programs that promote environmental education and awareness. The committee is affiliated with the Green Schools Program of Wayne County, Michigan under the direction and guidance of Nancy Gregor.

Each day had a different theme. On Monday, students and staff wore black to celebrate conserving energy. There was a school-wide blackout, where computers, lights, and all electronics were shut off or unplugged. Students and staff wore blue on Tuesday to promote saving water. Students were asked to bring reusable water bottles to school on this day.

“We emphasize small acts like shutting off lights when you leave a room and using less water during daily and weekly routines,” said Scott Seeburger, sixth-grade teacher at Hamtramck.

On Wednesday, students wore green to promote reducing greenhouse gases. Students were asked to walk, bike, or carpool to school. Students wore orange on Thursday and talked about replenishing resources. Additionally, they watched the movie or read the book “The Lorax.” Students were also sent home with seeds to plant. On Friday, students wore yellow to promote alternative energy, and did a science project.

Throughout the week, students and staff participated in a neighborhood cleanup.

“We are promoting keeping our Earth clean,” said Seeburger. “Students in all grades can participate and benefit in these activities making it a valuable experience for all!”

For the last three years, Hamtramck Charter Academy has maintained Evergreen status, which recognizes the school at the highest level of commitment in the Green Schools Program. Evergreen status is achieved as a result of points acquired through the Wayne County Green Schools Program.

“At Hamtramck Charter Academy we celebrate the Earth not just one day a year, but as often as we can,” said Seeburger. “If we as humans don’t take the time to educate, encourage, protect, and promote change in the way we live worldwide, we may find ourselves in an unfathomable situation.”

Great work, Hamtramck!