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Gate City Exposes Students to Various Professions at Virtual College and Career Day

Gate City Charter Academy’s College and Career Day looked different than years past, but staff still wanted scholars to have as many opportunities as possible. All students participated in this event, as it’s important for the youngest and oldest scholars to have access to learning experiences to broaden their minds and goals.

“Our biggest goal is fulfilling our promise of ensuring that our students are college and career-ready,” said Logan Robertson, social worker at Gate City. “We want our scholars to become aware of the career and college opportunities available to them. Also, showing our scholars that what is learned in school connects to the workplace.”

Robertson explained that showing various college and career opportunities enhances student’s knowledge of future paths and their thinking on future goals. This all connects to ensuring each scholar is a lifelong learner and a successful, well-rounded individual.

Gate City Career Day

In the list of questions that guided the college and career day participants, Robertson had each participant answer specifically what Moral Focus virtue has been most beneficial for them. Participants are showcasing why and how they have used these virtues to excel through college and their careers. This allows scholars to see that practicing these virtues is vital to their continuing education and future success.

With COVID-19 restrictions visitors were not allowed in the building, making this a fully virtual event. Robertson began reaching out to parents and community members in January to put together a compilation of videos, which was combined and made into a presentation by Graham Helsabeck, English language arts teacher at Gate City. “While our kids aren’t getting the same experience, the videos have allowed individuals to showcase their work environment. For example, Ms. Gibbs who works at American Airlines took our scholars on a flight and throughout the airport showing different aspects of her work,” said Robertson. “Mr. Moore showed our scholars how he loads tractor trailers into a holding deck to unload items. Without the virtual capabilities, our scholars would not have been able to see all the behind-the-scenes action.”

Careers featured included waste reduction educator, Sherwin-Williams plant switcher, firefighter, business manager, veterinary technician, hairstylist, zoologist, braille transcriber, general manager of American Airlines, and a brick mason, to name a few.

In order to get scholars more engaged, students were able to dress up as their future career, and teachers were provided with several activities that can be completed during or after the College and Career Day video. For example, older Gate City scholars took Career Day notes and younger scholars completed a coloring activity about the day.
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