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Getting the Band Back Together: Foundations Re-introduces Students to Musical Instruments

The wariness of spreading germs during times of COVID-19 put a fast hold on the band program at Foundations Academy for the past two years, but efforts by K-8 Music Teacher Olivia Christensen are changing that.
Christensen hosted students and parents for a “try out the instruments” evening recently and the response was overwhelming.
 Foundations Band Students

“I was surprised at how many kiddos were interested in band,” Christensen said. “I think a lot of them were mainly curious, and the instrument trial night was a great way for them to realize the options they have. It was very fun to see kiddos’ eyes light up when they found an instrument that they could play and loved the sound they made.”
Prior to COVID-19, Foundations had both a music teacher and a band director to guide young musicians, now Christensen is musically on her own and looking for help.
“I have been nervous about starting the band because I'm mainly chorally oriented,” she said. “And I will be starting my masters soon and juggling a choir, band, and the musical would be tricky. However, it's important that students get an early start to learn an instrument if they want to be involved in high school.
“I am excited to start up the program to the best of my ability and I'm hoping we can find someone who would be willing to take over our previous director's spot.”
 Foundations Student Playing Symbols

Students indicated what their first, second, and third choice of instrument was and, as usual, drums were a popular choice.
“It was nice to see how well rounded their interest were in which instrument they wanted to play. Of course, a good chunk wanted to do the drums, but I think a couple were surprised and willing to try something completely different from what they had intended on doing walking in.”
Christensen said students interested in playing in band will meet before school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with hopes of finding a permanent band director soon.
“We will be tired, but hopefully the music wakes us all up, and we're ready to go. I'm excited to jump into this new role and see where it takes us.”
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