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East Arbor’s Grayson Has Successful Run on ‘Family Feud’

Shari Grayson helped make her mom’s dream come true by making it on “Family Feud” and made it even more special than she probably could have imagined.
Grayson, a substitute teacher at East Arbor Charter Academy, not only went on the TV show but had an extended stay, winning four of five games that aired Feb. 21, 22, 23, 24 and 27.
 Shari Grayson East Arbor substitute teacher
Shari Grayson has been a substitute at East Arbor Charter Academy since 2020.

The Grayson team consisted of Shari as a captain, her mother Mary, brother Evan, cousin Brandon and aunt Phyllis, Mary’s sister. Mary had tried to get on the show years ago by waiting in line in Chicago, but didn’t make it on. But the Graysons persisted, eventually made it through the selection process, and taped their appearance in July in Atlanta.
“It was a lot of fun,” Shari said. “You kind of forget what happened, but it was cool to relive the experience. (Host) Steve Harvey was nice, he was really funny.”
The Graysons won three “sudden death” showdowns among their victories before losing the fifth game. They also won one Fast Money round to win $20,000. Shari went first and earned 88 points, getting one of the five No. 1 answers. Brandon went second, needing 112 points, and got 117.
 Grayson family on Family Fued
The Grayson family won four games on “Family Feud” episodes that aired in February.

Shari is also a music executive and has been a substitute teacher at East Arbor, which has outperformed the local district for nine years, since 2020. She likes that the school is close to her home and gives her the flexibility to take her mother to chemotherapy for colon cancer.
“I love the principal here,” she said. “The people that I work with as well, they’re very supportive.”

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