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Reading Raises Money for Hurricane Relief

Students at Chandler Woods recently rolled out a new reading program, called, “Reading to Rebuild.” A local business donated $10,000 for the program, which encouraged students to read books to raise money for schools that have been impacted by hurricanes.

The students had to earn the money by reading books that are at their grade-level. Each student was paid a $5 credit for every book that they read. Third- through eighth-grade students were also required to present a “thought-diagram,” which provided a summary of their books to their classes.

“The students realized their passion when they discovered they can help the world around them,” said Sheila Boehning, dean of upper elementary at Chandler Woods. “We explored how we can help kids in the states that were most affected.”

The hallways were filled with encouraging decorations to track the progress the students made, including a large thermometer that increased daily as the students continued reading. To reach the goal, each student had to read three books, totaling $1,125 per grade-level.