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Age-old Fable Leads to In-class Learning Experience for Center Line Prep Elementary Students

Tyler Barrick’s second-grade class at Center Line Preparatory Academy recently took part in a demonstration of a kitchen tool from long ago.
As the scholars read a fable, they were encouraged to try out an old butter churn, provided by Dean of Lower Elementary Nick Buza.
 Center Line dean Nick Buza and students
Dean of Lower Elementary Nick Buza teaches students how to churn butter.

“During my observation in Mr. Barrick’s class they read a book about two frogs who fell into a bucket of cream,” Buza said. “The one didn't give up on swimming, which made the butter and allowed the frogs to escape. This inspired me to bring in my churner to give the kids a chance to see it happen in person.”
The fable helps teach children about perseverance and encouragement, two Moral Focus virtues they learn about throughout the year.
Unlike the older butter churns which use a wooden pole and bucket, Mr. Buza’s churn was glass with a crank that turned flaps inside the container. Students took turns cranking the handle round and round to keep the cream moving and were surprised as it slowly thickened into butter.
 Center Line Prep student churning butter
Students had the opportunity to churn butter while learning about a fable.

“They did a great job hand-making some butter,” Buza said.
Students and staff had the opportunity to sample the butter once it was finished.
Great job with hands-on instruction, Center Line!

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