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Students from Brooklyn Dreams Charter School Visit the Stock Exchange

Scholars from Brooklyn Dreams Charter School recently spent time at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The visit gave them a firsthand look at the world of stocks, trading, and financial markets.

NYSE Building Plaque

"Our students had an awesome experience of going down to the New York Stock Exchange and experiencing what millions of people see around the world each and every day," remarked Omar Thomas, principal of Brooklyn Dreams. "This is what we do as educators. We teach content, and then the final experience is to do some type of immersion within said culture or said place so that it has a better effect."

Principal with student at NYSE

The eighth-grade scholars traveled to the Stock Exchange after taking a financial literacy class taught by Brooklyn Dreams Board member, Michael Leit. With over three decades of Wall Street experience, Leit recognized the Stock Exchange visit as a huge opportunity to connect classroom learning with real-world application.

NYSE entrance sign

Among the highlights of their visit was the iconic opening bell ceremony, marking the beginning of trading day each day. Principal Thomas emphasized the impact these types of experiences have far beyond a single visit. He believes it’s important for students to not only absorb knowledge but also share their experiences with others.


"We've got a really, really good school culture and community culture of our kiddos coming back and talking about their experiences to our current students," he shared. "Through storytelling and reflection, students not only internalize their own experiences but also inspire others to explore new horizons."

Congratulations on giving these students a day of learning that they won’t soon forget! 
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