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Although Brooklyn Dreams Charter School is currently closed due to Covid-19, we are here to support your child’s academic success. Please connect with us via live chat or call 929-436-3357‚Äč to learn more about our school and how to apply for your child today.

Creativity Flows at Paint Night

Students from Brooklyn Dreams recently gathered for a fun-filled evening at their first Juice and Paint Night. Students and parents alike were invited to attend the event that allowed their inner Picasso to shine while creating fun memories at the school.

Scholars sipped their favorite juice and let their creativity pour. The scholars were led through a step-by-step process to create a blizzardy winter wonderland, featuring three snowmen.

“We wanted to provide the students and their families with more opportunities to be engaged in events that occur at the school at a time that would allow more parents to be involved,” said Rumana Rahman, third- through fifth-grade dean at Brooklyn Dreams.

The students and their parents began by painting a background on the canvas, swirling winter blues and purples to create a stormy skyline. They then added snow-covered ground at the foreground that included a bare tree. Finally, the group added the primary focus of their artwork, the snowmen, all donning classic winter gear including hats and scarves.

Great work, scholars!