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Meet Principal Travis Batt

Principal Travis Batt attended a small high school in northern Michigan and graduated with a class of just 86 students. He set his sight on college with a sense of high expectations for himself with the encouragement of teachers who made learning fun and practical. His goal today is to inspire students at Arbor Prep to have that same feeling of accomplishment and expectation.
“I think it all starts with creating a safe environment where students are willing to take risks.” He continues by saying, “There are consequences to everything you do… but with encouragement a student won’t hesitate to try. And if it doesn’t work out, they learn from it and quickly move on.” He says that’s a ‘life skill’ that will serve them well beyond their high school years.
In addition to creating a high level of expectation for students and staff alike, he is just as passionate about ‘living out what values look like’ as an example for others to follow. “My role as Principal is to be part of the team, at every level.” Principal Batt understands when students see him working alongside others it becomes easier for them to activate values like respect and teamwork among themselves.

Principal Batt is very excited about Arbor Prep's AP Classes and Early College Program. He says, "By allowing high school kids to experience what college courses look like and by exposing them to skills needed to hlep them succeed, it prepares them for a positive experience."

To a certain extent, Principal Batt still sees himself as “just a big kid today”. Maybe that’s why he still holds himself to high expectations, anticipates learning new things every day, and looks forward to what tomorrow might bring. That’s a great approach to life whether you’re a first-year high school student…or the principal.

A Few Things About Principal Batt
  • He earned his degree from Central Michigan University.
  • He has two sons — a 12 year old and an 8 year old. He loves to travel to their events and cheer them on in soccer and cross-country.
  • He is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing golf when he can find the time.

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