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Meet Our School Board

Our Board of Directors is comprised of civic and community leaders who volunteer time and energy to help ensure Arbor Preparatory High School is preparing students for college success. For additional information about the Board or its meetings contact us at 734-961-9700.

If you are interested in serving on the Board, please attend an upcoming Board meeting to learn more about this service opportunity. The schedule of Board meeting dates can be found below.

Dr. William Kennelly


John Biskner

Vice President/Treasurer

Christine Sturm

Leanne Wade


Orma Smith


Our Authorizer

Bay Mills Community College Logo

We are authorized by Bay Mills Community College. They sponsor and monitor us to ensure we achieve academic results and uphold the promises made in our charter.

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Board Documents

Board Calendar
The Board calendar contains the list of Board meeting dates and times for the current school year. The Board Calendar is subject to change. Please check with our office staff to confirm dates and times.

Board Meeting Notices
The Board Meeting Notices notify the public of any special, rescheduled, or canceled Board meetings for the current school year.

Board Governing Documents

Charter Contract
The Charter Contract is the agreement between our Board and Authorizer, which details the Authorizer's expectations and the responsibilities of the Board.

The Services Agreement
The Services Agreement is the agreement between our Board and its educational service provider, National Heritage Academies (NHA). This agreement outlines the terms, conditions, and expectations of the relationship between our Board and NHA. Our Board partners with NHA to operate our school.

Board Policies
The Board Policies are adopted by our Board and updated as necessary.

Board Meeting Documents

Board Meeting Minutes
The Board approved, signed Board Meeting Minutes for the prior school year and current school year. The most recent Board Meeting Minutes are proposed, draft minutes until they are approved and signed by the Board.

Board Agenda
The Board Meeting Agenda is for the next Board Meeting.