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Timberland Charter Academy Celebrates Halloween

Amid a major health pandemic facing our nation, COVID-19, many schools have selected not to hold in-person learning sessions. As such, families continue to confront many uncertainties and challenges regarding education. National Heritage Academies (NHA), one of the largest public charter school networks, joins only a few other school districts and charter schools in providing a hybrid learning model, in-person learning, and virtual instruction options for parents and students.

Timberland Charter Academy, located in Muskegon, Michigan, is among the NHA schools that provide the hybrid model of instruction for its parents and students. Thus far in the year, following a strict COVID-19 School Safety Plan, serving nearly 700 students, Timberland has experienced minimal health concerns. 

Recently, Timberland Charter Academy participated in its first-ever Halloween Character Day. Muskegon County is like other in-city communities, facing high rates of COVID-19 health concerns. With the possibilities of not having a Halloween this year, Timberland staff members unanimously elected to hold a Halloween Character Day for their hybrid and in-person students. Throughout the school, smiles cannot be seen behind the masks worn by staff and students, but the smiles are evident in their eyes. As you move about the building, visions of “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs,” “Mary Poppins,” kings, queens, unicorns, nurses, angels, “The Hulk,” and even the witches of “Hocus Pocus,” are all wandering about.

Academically, it is business as usual, whereby the celebrations, filled with traditional candy, will be taking place at the close of the school day. In compliance with the COVID-19 school-wide plan, parents and special guests were not be able to attend. Students were not be allowed to showcase their beautiful costumes about the school, but rather all celebrations took place in their classes.

When questioned about the decision to host the Halloween Celebration of Characters, Mrs. Brininstool, academic dean of Young5s through second-grade, Ms. Laura, administrative assistant, and Ms. Brittany, office manager and school registrar, all behind masks, smiles evident, with a resounding voice share: “Timberland Charter Academy, no better place to be.”