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Louisiana Admissions Representative Engages with Community During Pandemic

Admissions representatives (AR) are an essential part of our enrollment, and their commitment to building relationships in the community is increasingly important during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Matthew Robinson has been the AR for Advantage Charter Academy and Inspire Charter Academy for three years and though he considers himself to be more of an in-person communicator, he has enjoyed the opportunity to tap into another part of his personality using face-to-face videos during this time.

To keep tours happening in his schools, and to continue providing families school of choice, he has made sure to hold at least one virtual tour each week for new families. During his tours, he walks through the school and shares information with the families. He also coordinated virtual meetings for parents to meet the school leadership teams, receive information regarding the upcoming school year, and learn about parent expectations.

In addition to providing virtual tours and meeting options for families, he has continued building relationships out in the community, something he is happy he can still do during this time. He started working with the Baker Chamber of Commerce to share information about Advantage and partner with local businesses to give back to the community.

Additionally, he partnered with the mayor’s office in Baker, the police chief, and the city council to coordinate with the Baton Rouge Food Bank to use one of his schools as a food distribution location. Because of this partnership, over 5,000 families in the Baker community were served, and National Heritage Academies (NHA) was able to donate 2,000 masks and hand sanitizers to the Baker community.

“Mr. Robinson is an expert at engaging with the community and knowing his resources,” said Jodi Timmerman, admissions lead manager at NHA. “He has been able to expand the awareness of Inspire and Advantage in their individual communities to impact enrollment.”

Keep up the great work, Mr. Robinson!