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Fourth Graders Visit ArtPrize

Students from Eagle Crest Charter Academy recently took a field trip to ArtPrize in downtown Grand Rapids for the third year in a row. ArtPrize is an independently organized art competition that takes place for just over two weeks, every other fall throughout Grand Rapids.

Nearly 90 fourth-graders bundled up and ventured through the city to explore the most popular pieces. The students also had an opportunity to meet several artists, including James O’Neal who created one of the students’ favorite installments. O’Neal’s piece “Champions” was a three-dimensional, life-size wood sculpture that featured five sports champions including Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor, Cris Cyborg, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

“The kids were so excited to meet Mr. O’Neal and ask him questions about his entry,” said Tracy Conley, art teacher at Eagle Crest. “They asked him how long it took to make each Champion, what inspired him, and where he came up with the idea.”

The students also enjoyed a piece made entirely out of duct tape, titled “Kings of Late Night,” which featured famous late-night television comedians, and a series of still-life portraits of desserts, titled “SWEET."

The students braved a bit of rainy weather during their trip and overall enjoyed the opportunity to learn about various forms of art. A great time was had by all.