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This is Katie Sims: Principal at Westfield Preparatory High School

Katie Sims knows that every student wants to be heard, supported, encouraged and above all, given time to grow. Principal Sims recognizes the impact the people around her had on her life. She states, “people invested time in me – my family, friends, coaches, teachers – and I’ve never forgotten how it made me feel valued.”

As Principal at Westfield Prep, her students benefit from a leadership style that focuses on the needs of each student and surrounds them in an environment structured to enable success. “The environment we create here is structured for good reason – and allows us to set very high expectations on both the academic and behavioral level.”

Ask Principal Sims about how to best serve the students at Westfield and she’ll bring up the family-like atmosphere she and the entire staff work hard to create. “The level of support for each child is so important, it’s why our staff includes a college advisor, early college coordinator, an early college teacher for each class, a dedicated social worker, a behavioral specialist, and the leadership team – all in place specifically to ensure that each student has the support and resources they need to be successful in college and beyond.” She then adds, “We vow to take care of your kids in all the ways that matter most – academically, socially, emotionally – so they excel both in school and in life.”

Here are a few more things about Principal Sims:

  • She was a scholarship recipient at Eastern Michigan University where she swam on the EMU swim team and earned her B.S. in Education.
  • She went on to earn her master’s degree at Marygrove College and has since earned a Leadership Degree at Central Michigan University.
  • She came to Westfield Prep after serving as Dean at Taylor Exemplary Academy.
  • She and her husband enjoy entertaining at their home and keeping up with their two teenage sons.