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Westfield Prep: A Great Choice in Redford

National Heritage Academies students continually outperform their peers, gaining nearly three and a half months of additional learning each year. Our schools are built on the cornerstone of Academic Excellence. We set high standards for each student, giving them the tools to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.

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Where Students Succeed

Westfield Preparatory High School outperforms the district on the state test.

NHA Schools gain nearly 3.5 months of additional learning per year.

NHA Shines: Stanford's CREDO Study Shows Our Students Surpass Their Peers by 3.5 Months Each Year

A recent Stanford study shows NHA partner-school students continue to outperform their traditional public school peers. They do so by gaining nearly three-and-a-half months of additional learning. NHA also earned the new “gap busters” designation for outstanding progress in eliminating learning disparities for minority and poverty students.
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Eagle Award

Taking Flight Student Enrollment Eagle Award Recipient

Westfield Preparatory High School has achieved recognition for strong growth in enrollment, receiving the Student Enrollment Taking Flight Eagle Award for the 2022-23 school year. Our school's popularity is evident from our growing number of students.

Measuring Success

At Westfield Preparatory High School, we're here to help students grow and succeed. We answer the important question "are students learning" by measuring student success in a number of ways. This gives our principal, deans, and teachers information they can turn into action.

"I feel my children are receiving a high quality education at Westfield Prep."

- Westfield Prep Parent

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