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Class of 2022: Wellspring Prep Grads Share Diverse Dreams

Graduates of Wellspring Preparatory High School are focused on some amazing futures. The hard work, dedication, and preparation speaks to the excellent educational environment at the school.
These four grads are going places.
Kylie Flynn, Wellspring Preparatory High School, Class of 2022
 Kylie Flynn on a beach.
Wellspring Prep Grad Kylie Flynn
Kylie Flynn has a dream that’s not as common as some held by most of her classmates, but she’s confident in the steps she’s taking to make it a reality. The Wellspring Prep grad plans to attend the University of Michigan in the fall to study mechanical engineering to pursue her goal of designing and building roller coasters.
“A degree in mechanical engineering will be super beneficial in reaching that goal,” Flynn said. “My family and I are huge Michigan fans so it is an amazing opportunity to be able to go to the school that I have grown up supporting. It is a little nerve-wracking transitioning from a small high school to a large university and it will be a big learning experience, but I am overall super excited.”
Flynn is an avid dancer, quick to pick up on the latest choreography and trends in music videos.
“I am able to learn the routines pretty fast and it is just a fun way for me to destress and get some exercise.”
She credits History Teacher Patrick Tierney with presenting a positive pathway and encouraging words during her junior and senior years at Wellspring.
“I have had him the past two years for AP U.S. History and AP Psychology,” Flynn said. “He likes to have fun in class and do silly activities, but we are still able to learn and retain the content. He has helped me realize that I can succeed and get good grades even when taking hard classes as long as I put in the work and try to enjoy what we are doing.”
Flynn said she’s planning to enjoy her summer spending time with family playing yard games like cornhole and Spikeball and going out for ice cream.
Congratulations on graduating and good luck with your career in roller coasters, Kylie!
Marley Gonzales, Wellspring Preparatory High School, Class of 2022

Marley Gonzales
Wellspring Prep Grad Marley Gonzales
Wellspring Prep grad Marley Gonzales will also be attending the University of Michigan in the fall, but his gaze will likely be focused skyward. Ever since he was in sixth grade Gonzales has had a fascination with space.
“The universe is a huge place and understanding how it works is something I have always strived to work at,” he said. “I plan to study astronomy and astrophysics at U of M, with a minor in geology, to focus on the material aspect and compounds of our universe.”
Wellspring teacher Patrick Tierney has been a guiding force for Gonzales throughout his time in high school.
“He has guided me through the toughest times of high school and has provided resources for me to succeed countless times,” Gonzales said. “With the college application process, he offered nothing but support and empathy, and stood as an encouraging figure these last four years of my life. I thank him dearly for the opportunities he has allowed me to take advantage of, and how much he has helped me through high school.”
An avid music lover, Gonzales plays trumpet and often tries to pair the music he plays with the music he listens to. His favorite thing to do away from his studies is meet up with his friends.
“I think it is very important to have a social life outside of school and work, and keeping this balance is imperative to my mental health,” he said. “Whether this be driving up to Howard City to enjoy the country, or exploring the city of Grand Rapids, there's no end to it. There is so much to do if you seek it out.”
Good luck in your future explorations and time at the University of Michigan, Marley!
Soraya Noall, Wellspring Preparatory High School, Class of 2022

Soraya Noall
Wellspring Prep Grad Soraya Noall
Soraya Noall can’t wait for the next chapter of her life to begin. The Wellspring Preparatory Academy graduate has received a full scholarship to attend Michigan Technological University, which should play well with one of her biggest loves.
“I am very excited to go up there and explore the trails,” Noall said. “I am really excited to learn and be in my natural element, I love being outside and interacting with nature.”
She plans to study environmental science and pre-law and hopes to get involved in leadership roles with nature groups, and possibly a paid research position.
“I was up at Tech in January, and it was absolutely beautiful and snowy, but oddly not that cold,” she said.
Noall also really enjoys working with children and currently works on weekends as a face painter at John Ball Zoo.
“I help make memories for the kids that I paint on and make their day much better because now they are a rainbow tiger or a red panda,” she said. “I currently volunteer with a girl scout troop, mainly working with Brownies and Juniors, and I love it. Working with them is very fun and interesting because every girl is different. I love to interact with them and teach them new things for their patches and pins.”
A former teacher who continues to make an impression on Noall is Teresa Noordhoek, who now works as the College Counseling and Early College Manager.
“Mrs. Noordhoek was a really great teacher and even now, even though she is the college advisor for our school, she still helps me with issues and checks in with me,” Noall said. “She also helped me make sure that I was ready to graduate. She was also very supportive and proud of me when I told her about my full ride and that really made my day.”
Congratulations and good luck at Michigan Tech, Soraya! 
Emma Sutherland, Wellspring Preparatory High School, Class of 2022

Emma Sutherland
Wellspring Prep Grad Emma Sutherland
Out of all the graduates from Wellspring Prep this year, Emma Sutherland may be preparing for the sweetest of occupations. She is planning on studying Baking, Pastry and Culinary Arts at Grand Rapids Community College, where she was awarded the Board of Trustees Distinguished Scholar Award. The award will help with school expenses such as tuition, books, and equipment. 
“I love to bake and decorate cakes and cupcakes because there are so many different things that you can do with them,” Sutherland said. “I also love seeing people’s faces when they see the cakes or cupcakes. 

“My dream is to open my own bakery, which I believe is very attainable with hard work and planning.”

Sutherland said Wellspring Art Teacher Megan Altieri has played a role in advancing her baking skills.

“Even though she is an art teacher, she allowed me to make cakes and cake pops, and decorate gingerbread houses for art projects that allowed me to be creative and do what I love to do,” Sutherland said. “The concepts that we learn in art class apply just as much to cake decorating as they do to art projects. Although I only had Ms. Altieri for one year, it was a great experience that allowed me to grow.”

She also had the opportunity to take the Baking and Pastry program at the Kent Career Technical Center with instructor Don Henderson.
“He pushed me to do projects that I never thought I would be able to do such as a sugar sculpture and encouraged me to be creative with my projects,” she said. “This year I learned more than I ever had when it comes to baking, and I couldn't be more appreciative of the skills he taught me.”
Congratulations and good luck with all your baking in the future, Emma!
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