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Walton Charter Academy Wins Top Honors from NHA

National Heritage Academies (NHA), one of the nation’s largest charter school management companies, honored its top performing schools, including Walton Charter Academy, during its 17th Annual Eagle Awards ceremony.
The event was held Monday, July 16, in Grand Rapids, Mich., with more than 500 principals and deans in attendance as part of a four-day Leadership Summit.
Walton Charter Academy earned two Eagle Awards for School of Excellence and Parent Satisfaction. Parent satisfaction is based on a net promoter score at the 90th percentile or high on the spring parent survey and a response rate at or above 50 percent.
The school was also named a School of Excellence for their superior performance in academic achievement and full enrollment for the past school year.
“We are grateful to have a school community that works together to support students to grow and achieve,” said Principal Mona Boersma. “It is an honor to have our school team and school community recognized for the work that we love.”
NHA rewards schools in other areas including employee engagement, student attendance, and state accountability.