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Moral Focus

A Place of Mutual Respect and Good Citizenship

Virtues such as respect, integrity, and compassion are central to our school culture and community. We integrate moral focus lessons into every school day to support what you teach at home. In fact, our entire school focuses on a new virtue each month. This helps students learn the importance of making good choices and doing the right thing in life.


Monthly Virtues 

  •     August/September: Wisdom
  •     October: Respect
  •     November: Gratitude
  •     December: Self-control
  •     January: Perseverance
  •     February: Courage
  •     March: Encouragement
  •     April: Compassion
  •     May: Integrity
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Learning to be a good person—in or out of school—is as important as learning to be a good student.
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