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South Arbor Dean’s Family Tradition

Teri Scott, dean of lower elementary at South Arbor Charter Academy, first started her journey at National Heritage Academies (NHA) as a kindergarten teacher at Canton Charter Academy (CCA), where she would stay for 18 years.
 Teri Scott smiling with a child.

She didn’t know much about CCA when she started because the school was new, but she did know one thing. “The school at that time was not even built and it started as a group of portable classrooms in a soy field,” said Ms. Scott.
Since then, all three of her children have attended CCA. The year the school opened, her daughter was in second grade. But that’s not where her daughter’s story ends either. She grew up to be a teacher at Canton, and now her son attends the school. “She wanted the same education for her son that she received as a student at NHA,” said Ms. Scott.
Ms. Scott wanted her children to go to an NHA school because she loved the family feel of the school and wanted her children to be a part of CCA. “I also knew that my children would receive a better education than what the public school would offer them in my district,” she said. “The value of an NHA education is priceless, and NHA has given all three of my children the best education. Now my grandson is a part of it, too. We are proud to be a part of the NHA family.”
When Ms. Scott transitioned to dean at South Arbor, she was excited to work at a school right around the corner to where she lived. She loves the atmosphere at both schools and seeing the kids and families each day. She’s also passionate about Moral Focus, feeling that it prepared her kids for high school and college.
As a dean, she’s most passionate about working with her teachers and helping them be the best they can be as they support students in the classroom. She loves to visit classrooms and see students in the progress of learning. While she may miss the student interaction as a dean, she’s able to get her fill when she subs in classrooms or when she’s on lunch duty.

“My favorite part of being at South Arbor is the people I work with, and the students and families that are here,” she said. “We have a great school community and feel at home here.”
Keep up the excellent work, Ms. Scott!