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Student-run News Show Keeps Rolesville Informed

Students at Rolesville Charter Academy start each week with an informative news show featuring weather, sports, and fun. The show is produced by members of the RCA TV class, led by Technology Specialist Heather Barton. The class is in its second year and is a lively environment with scholars ready to test their on-screen talent.
 Students reading from teleprompter.

It does take them a few weeks to get comfortable in front of a camera.
“At the very beginning of the year it’s very awkward for them because I only had two returning students from last year,” Barton said. “They’re very nervous to start. The first three weeks we did exercises and I had them write their own scripts. I had them practice on camera by themselves so they could get more comfortable with it. By the time we started recording they were good with it.”
The show features students presenting the weather forecast for the week, jokes and skits follow, as well as school and celebrity birthdays, and of course, an update on all the sports going on at the school.

 Students working on the broadcast.

Sometimes the students need a little nudge to get creative thoughts flowing during show prep.
“Once I start assigning skits they’ll be like ‘I don’t know what to do,’ so I tell them to brainstorm with their group and get it going, figure something out,” Barton said. “I think most of the time they’re spot-on with what most of the kids around here are into.”
Barton sends a link to the show to teachers on Sunday night so they can play it whenever they have time in their classes at the beginning of the week.
“If we miss a week or take a week off when we’re doing other stuff in the class people will ask about it. I think they enjoy it.”
Is it possible the next big sports or news anchor will come out of Rolesville?
“I feel like a lot of them have gotten comfortable with it that they may want to pursue this as a career,” Barton said. “It’s interesting to see where their brains are going with it.”

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