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Pembroke Academy Fosters Dad Involvement

Pembroke Academy recognizes the impact of close parental partnerships, particularly with the dads of their students. This priority is cultivated by their involvement with All Pro Dad.

All Pro Dad is a national organization which hosts monthly school gatherings where dads enjoy breakfast with their kids and engage in important conversations and activities centered around a character-based curriculum. The goal is to help bridge the connection and build meaningful impact and positive influence in the life of each student. 

Education Week supported the idea that dads shape their kids’ education by sharing, “one recent analysis of 66 studies of urban children in pre-K through college found that on average, involved fathers were associated with significantly better education outcomes, equal to nearly a half year of typical academic learning."

Pembroke dads and scholars gather once a month for a fun game or activity followed by lessons and practical applications for one of the character pillars such as dependability. 

 The All Pro Dad chapter helps to further support the development of parental partnership, one of NHA’s pillars. All Pro Dad’s focus on a character-based curriculum works in alignment with Pembroke’s dedication to developing the whole student, heart and character included.

Two students shared what they love most about the program. “It made me feel great to hear my dad tell me that he was proud of me and to explain why,” exclaimed Pembroke student, Sean Smith.

Sixth-grade scholar, Breiyana Ricks, reflected on her experience with the All Pro Dad workshops, “I was so happy to see my stepdad happy, socializing, and having fun playing the games with everyone. It was so much fun and a great start to my school day.”