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About Us

​​Pathway School of Discovery is a free public charter school serving kindergarten through 8th grade. Our exceptional education means seats are filling fast, so apply today​!

Why Pathway School of Discovery?

Founded on academic excellence, moral focus, parental partnership, and student responsibility, Pathway School of Discovery is a school like no other – one that can lead to a lifetime of success. Our exceptional teachers individualize instruction based on your child’s needs. In addition we focus on real-world skills and how to be a good person. Our students also draft a social contract that reinforces their commitment to their school, their teacher, and each other.

"I very much appreciate the attention to detail, effort, and care the staff has put into our children. It speaks volumes that I can approach at any time with a question or concern, and they are always ready and able to help me." - Pathway School of Discovery Parent
Top Reasons Parents Send Their Children To Our School: *
1 Teachers are great at communicating with parents.
2 Children receive individual attention and instruction.
3 The curriculum provides moral focus as well as academics.
* Based on actual 2013 surveys administered to parents of kids who were returning to Pathway School of Discovery

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Parents, On Monday, August 21, 2017, our nation will experience a solar eclipse. Dayton is expected to experience a 97% eclipse where the majority of the sun will be covered by the moon. The eclipse is expected to begin around 1:00pm and end around 4:00pm. We understand that this is a significant event and have considered many ways for our students to experience it. Our first priority, however, is safety. Homemade filters, sunglasses and many “eclipse” glasses recently sold are not sufficient to protect students’ eyes. For that reason, teachers will view live coverage in the classrooms to track the progress of the eclipse and will plan activities accordingly. All students will be informed of the dangers of looking directly at the sun at dismissal time. Parents, I am asking that you also explain the dangers of looking at the sun as well. During the time of the eclipse, school will be in session as normal, attendance will be taken, and dismissal will occur as normal. Sincerely Keith Colbert Principal Pathway School of Discovery
Just 1 day until school starts! We can’t wait to see you tomorrow!
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If you would like to schedule a school tour to learn more about our academic program, Moral Focus curriculum, and school environment, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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