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Second-grade Class at North Saginaw Performs Learning Remix of “Old Town Road"

Lauren Marcoux, second-grade teacher at North Saginaw Charter Academy (NSCA), and her students performed a catchy learning remix of “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X ft. Billy Ray Cyrus. The video was shared on social media and has reached over 20,000 people! Mrs. Marcoux came up with the lyrics and her students helped with the moves.

“The purpose behind the song was to engage my class every morning and get them excited to learn, as well as to unite them by doing the same song and dance all together,” said Marcoux. “Many of them love to sing and dance so I thought it would be perfect for them.”

“Can’t nobody stop my learning, you can’t stop my learning. Let’s all greet each other, today will be a good day. Thinking caps are on, we are ready to learn.”

The idea to create the learning remix to this hit song sparked from Conscious Discipline by Dr. Becky Bailey. Part of the program is to have a "Brain Smart Start,” which is a combination of activities to promote an optimal learning state, each morning. 

In Mrs. Marcoux’s class, the song is the first part, which is the "Activity to Unite," then they do the other parts which include breathing, a connection activity, and a commitment. 

The different parts of the Brain Smart Start get students ready to learn and in a good mindset to start their day.