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Although North Dayton School of Discovery is currently closed due to Covid-19, we are here to support your child’s academic success. Please connect with us via live chat or call 934-276-4739 to learn more about our school and how to apply for your child today.

Dress Code

A flexible and cost effective dress code has been established at our school to encourage academic success while reducing distractions and competition. Implementing a simple, flexible, cost effective dress code promotes student learning and increased academic instruction time.


All Students

polo-green.png pants-navy.png


Navy blue polo
Shirts must be tucked into bottoms at all times


For boys, slacks or dress pants must be navy blue or khaki
For girls, pants, shorts, Capri pants, jumpers, and skorts must be navy blue or khaki.
For girls, bottoms must be at least one inch longer than the fingertips when the student’s arms hang at her sides
Corduroy or denim materials are not permitted




Shoe, belt, and tie illustration


Athletic (Gym) shoes, brown or black dress shoes or dress boots must be worn with closed toe and heel.

Rain or snow boots may be worn as outerwear only and not be worn as general everyday shoes.

Undershirts (t-shirts worn under uniform shirts) must be white and must fit appropriately under the uniform shirts. Long sleeve white shirts are permitted under the uniform shirts during cold weather months.


Navy cardigan


Students may wear sweaters, vests or hooded sweatshirts that are navy blue with no emblems or writing.