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Making Opportunity Her Mission--Dr. Hall

From a young age Dr. Gloria McDaniel-Hall knew that she needed to take the educational opportunities she was given and make an impact.

“Both my mom and dad did not have educational opportunities,” said Hall, principal at North Dayton School of Discovery. “They stressed this so much for me when I was a young student, which made my schooling experience extremely positive.”

In second-grade Dr. Hall realized that school was a positive experience. It was from then on that she decided she wanted to dedicate her life to getting other kids to feel the same way she did about school.

“I never looked back,” Hall said.

Dr. Hall got her start in the elementary grades as a classroom teacher in the Chicago area. For 15 years she worked to create a welcoming classroom environment for students to thrive.

“Every time I see a former student thrive, I know I made the right choice,” Hall said. “I love to see how they excel in life, many of them even becoming teachers!”

Now in her role as a principal, Dr. Hall strives to create a school environment where students feel safe and supported to reach their goals. She stresses the importance of not only the school’s moral focus virtues, but parent partnership.

“Parents are the students’ first teachers,” said Dr. Hall. “When parents show support, it has a direct positive link to student behavior, attitudes, and achievement. We really cannot do our job without parents!”

North Dayton School of Discovery welcomes students back on Aug. 14. Dr. Hall looks forward to strong school year ahead for all North Dayton students!