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North Dayton Students Tour Local University

Students from North Dayton School of Discovery recently toured the University of Dayton (UD) for an opportunity to learn about higher education options in their community. The tour allowed students to explore college life to encourage them to pursue receiving a college degree down the road.

Students started their morning with a Q&A session with University of Dayton students. This conversation sparked curiosity and interest for the NHA scholars, regarding what receiving a college education is all about.

“University of Dayton provided our students an enjoyable experience filled with informational tours and a campus lunch,” said Victoria Vyborny, principal in residence at North Dayton School of Discovery.

The tour allowed 38 students from fifth through eighth grade to divide into small groups, creating a more intimate tour opportunity. Students enjoyed walking across the campus and visiting the various facilities and housing options that UD provides.

To conclude the tour, each student was gifted a meal card, courtesy of UD, which allowed them to eat alongside the university’s students in their dining hall. North Dayton’s students practiced their life skills by budgeting for lunch by selecting from a wide variety of tasty options, using the specific dollar amount they were provided.

“We are thankful to our board members and UD staff for allowing our students to participate in such a special experience,” said Vyborny.