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School Soars High to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Coffee, donuts, and dress-down days are a fine way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, but Laurus Academy Family/Student Liaison Shekinah Hall came up with an idea that flew high above others she considered: Laurus Airlines.

“I did some research for themes, and I was also inspired by a thought about travel,” Hall said. “I wanted to make sure the theme was fun and about serving our hard-working staff. I couldn't give them an actual vacation, so I wanted to bring the travel experience to them.”

Hall got to work creating a plan for the week and tied in some well-placed backdrops for photo opportunities. With help from several Laurus staff members, the journey began with a Monday morning breakfast in the first-class teachers’ lounge. Tuesday marked a visit to the souvenir shop for airline themed T-shirts in gift bags and a pizza lunch.

Laurus staff with their airline tickets
Teachers received airline tickets to start their journey.

Borrowing a bit from Delta Airlines, Hall treated the teachers with a Comfort Plus Wednesday that included chiropractic massages and a chance to relax a bit during their day.

Laurus staff receiving chiropractic massages
On Wednesday, teachers were treated with comfort to a chiropractic massage.

“Thursday was our in-flight beverages and snack day,” she said. “I dressed as a flight attendant, made an in-flight announcement, passed out boarding passes to the staff, and went around the school to pass out snacks and beverages to the staff.”
Laurus Liasion Hall dress up as a flight attendantLaurus Academy Family/Student Liaison Shekinah Hall dressed up as a flight attendant to serve soft drinks and snacks to teachers.

On Friday the passengers “landed” at their destination with an emphasis on food. Personal chefs created hibachi bowls for lunch, right at the school.

“The teachers absolutely loved the theme, and they greatly appreciated their treats and lunches. They also participated by taking amazing pictures and jumped right into role playing as great passengers!”

Hall said she was overjoyed with the amount of help she received bringing the theme to life and preparing the daily festivities and treats. This creative show of support is one reason Laurus has outperformed the district for 10 years.

Great show of teamwork and celebrating teachers, Laurus!

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