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Dress Code

A flexible and cost effective dress code has been established at our school to encourage academic success while reducing distractions and competition. If you require assistance in paying for uniforms, please call the school at (336) 922-1121.

Please refer to the Parent and Student Handbook for the complete dress code policy.

Order Uniforms



Bright green short or long-sleeved polo (preferred)
Plain white polo


Short or long-sleeved white dress shirt with a custom green and blue striped tie
Short or long-sleeve bright green or white polo may be worn on Fridays

Cold Weather

Students may wear sweaters, sweatshirts, or vests that are solid-colored navy or white
Sweaters with the Forsyth logo are available at Image Builders Marketing
Hoods are not permitted
Sweaters and sweatshirts should not be tied around the waist or worn backwards


Bright green polos and ties purchased only through Image Builders is encouraged. Please contact the Image Builders toll-free customer service hotline at (855) 654-6243 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Students may not wear sleeveless shirts.
Undershirts worn must be solid white. No wording can show through the uniform shirt.
Shirts must be fully tucked in.
Shirts must be long enough to cover the chest and remain tucked into the pants when the arms are raised.

Pants, Skirts, and Shorts


Navy pants or shorts at the natural waist


Plain navy pants, skirts, skorts, shorts, or jumpers


No nylon, taffeta, or jogging pants (pants that make a rustling noise) may be worn.
Sagging pants or shorts are not permitted.
All bottoms must be longer than the fingers when the arms hang at the student’s side or no more than three inches above the knees.


  • No stripes, appliqués, brands/logos, embroidery (unless embroidery is the same color as the shirt and is not a logo), chains, or other designs are allowed on any clothing items
  • Makeup and/or clothing/accessories that disrupt the school setting or create conflict are not permitted
  • Outdoor coats and jackets must be hung in cubbies or lockers during the school day
  • Middle School students are not permitted to carry backpacks or book bags to classes
    • As a general rule, if a textbook can fit in the bag/purse, it is too big and will need to be placed in a locker
Uniform Packet 2019-20

Hair & Hygiene

  • Students’ hair must be kept neat and clean and should not obstruct their vision during class.
The personal grooming of students should be in accord with the standards set by the uniform dress code. Students should be clean and neat when at school.

Hats, Shoes & Accessories

  • A reasonable number of earrings (no more than 3) are permitted for girls - Only ears may be pierced
  • Any makeup worn by middle school girls should be natural and minimal - Makeup is not permitted below 6th grade
  • Temporary tattoos and body art must be covered at all times
  • Socks/leggings/tights worn must be solid white or navy
  • K-8 students must wear solid black or brown close-toed shoes - Athletic shoes should be brought to school for use in P.E

Not Allowed

Scarves covering the head, scarves as accessories, or hats of any kind may not be worn inside the building.
Bandanas, bandana headbands, scarves as headbands and sweatbands are not permitted.
Accessories that disrupt the school setting or create conflict are not permitted.
Earrings and other body piercing ornaments are not permitted for boys.