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Flagship Charter Academy Hosts Virtual Read Alouds for National Reading Month

March is designated as National Reading Month –  a month to motivate Americans of all ages to read every day. Flagship Charter Academy took a personalized and sentimental approach as teachers decorated bulletin boards with their favorite books and read the book aloud on camera. Also, an interactive website was created so students could listen to the teachers read and vote on their favorite boards and read alouds. ​​​​​​​

National Reading Month is a time to encourage students to cultivate a positive relationship with reading. Anne Brophy, reading specialist at Flagship, explained that learning to read is hard work and acknowledging a student’s perseverance with this struggle helps to increase their self-worth. Students are trying to integrate all the different components of reading including phonics, comprehension, and fluency, and it can be emotionally draining as they fight feelings of frustration. “When we acknowledge the struggle, we help them work to their full potential,” she said. “This increases their confidence, not only in reading but across the curriculum.”

Reading Rockets explains the benefits of reading books aloud to children stating it, “stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word.”

Staff enjoyed reading books that they loved as children, or that they loved reading to their children. They were able to share a part of themselves and it brought Flagship staff together in a special way by giving them personal insights into each other. Meanwhile, students love seeing teachers reading to them, especially those teachers who seldom get a chance to do so, such as their specials teachers, teachers they have had in the past, and even administrators. They are also hearing how fluency sounds so that they have examples to follow.  ​​

“Sometimes, we get so caught up in reading to learn that we forget about reading for pleasure. Reading Month focuses on the joy of reading,” said Brophy. “Reading for pleasure is a positive habit with multiple benefits, and this month shines a light on those. Reading activates the brain because it requires effort, and the magical world of books helps to reduce stress, increase vocabulary, and improve focus and concentration. No wonder it’s so much fun!”

This year, Brophy and Flagship staff loved creating bulletin boards that mirrored their favorite books. “The hallways just seem more joyful! It has allowed us to recreate a school learning environment that the pandemic took away. Overall, it is a welcome break from the winter doldrums and energizes us to finish the year strong,” said Brophy.

The Flagship Reading Month website is filled with additional activities for students, parents, and teachers. Since so many of their students are learning virtually, staff wanted to make sure that all students enjoyed reading month activities. ​​​​​​​

To wrap up the month-long celebration, there will be a book giveaway!

“This was truly a team effort as staff members brought together their specific talents to make National Reading Month a success under very different circumstances from years past,” said Brophy.

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