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Although Excel Charter Academy is currently closed due to Covid-19, we are here to support your child’s academic success. Please connect with us via live chat or call 616-278-0250‚Äč to learn more about our school and how to apply for your child today.

Dress Code

Our dress code at Excel is flexible, affordable, and designed to encourage success. With less distractions and competition, our scholars can focus better in school.


  • Halter tops, tank tops, muscle shirts, sweat suits, spandex items, spaghetti strap shirts, or any clothing items that show bare midriff are not permitted.
  • T-shirts may not have anything printed on them that might be offensive to others. 
  • Pajamas should not be worn unless it is a special "pajama day".
  • Low or immodest neck lines are not permitted.


  • Hair must be of natural tones.
  • Hair styles must be neat, clean, and modest.
  • Hair should not impede others from seeing a student's eyes.


  • Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be three inches above the knees, even if tights or leggings are worn underneath.
  • Pants must fit appropriately and may not be too tight, too loose, or have any holes.
  • Pants should be worn at the waist and not worn in a "sagging" fashion.

Hats & Accessories

  • Hats, bandanas, and outdoor boots may not be worn in the building.
  • Shoes with wheels are not permitted. 
  • Ear piercings and discreet nose piercings are allowed. No other body piercings are permitted.


  • Clothing must fit the individual in a modest fashion i.e. No tight fitting pants, shirts, low cut shirts, etc.
  • Clothing may not be ripped or torn. Bare midriffs are not permitted.
  • Tattoos are not permitted.
  • Wearing, carrying, and displaying gang paraphernalia, names, signs, or symbols of gang membership are prohibited.