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Dress Code

A flexible and cost effective dress code has been established at our school to encourage academic success while reducing distractions and competition. Implementing a simple, flexible, cost effective dress code promotes student learning and increased academic instruction time.


All Students

  • Students in grades kindergarten-8 must wear white, navy or light blue shirts with collars (includes mock turtleneck, long- or short-sleeved, cotton or knit). Students in grades kindergarten-8 must wear white, navy or light blue shirts with collars (includes mock turtleneck, long- or short-sleeved, cotton or knit).
  • Shirts must stay tucked into pants.
  • Students are allowed to wear long-sleeved white or blue (solid colored) undershirts underneath their short-sleeved uniform shirts during cold weather.
  • Students must wear neutral colored shoes (black, brown, gray, white, navy, etc.). No boldly colored or patterned shoes will be allowed.
  • Winter/snow boots are not allowed to be worn in school. Other boots must be covered by pants.
  • Belts must be worn with pants that have belt loops.
  • Cold weather attire may include solid navy, white, light blue, tan or khaki sweaters or vests. Sweatshirts or fleece jackets are not permitted.
  • Detroit Merit Charter Academy Merit Pride shirts may be worn on Fridays with uniform bottoms.
  • Hats of any kind may not be worn inside the building.
  • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted, which includes colors other than neutral tones.
  • Hybrid uniforms are not permitted. Students must wear the proper school uniform and the proper gym uniform. Students may not integrate the two.
  • Excessive jewelry is not permitted.
  • Carrying, displaying, and wearing gang paraphernalia, names, signs, and symbols are prohibited.
  • Gym uniforms for student in kindergarten-8 include back sweatpants with the DMA logo and white t-shirts with the DMA logo. These items may be purchased at the beginning of the school year.


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  • Boys in grades kindergarden-8 must wear navy or dark blue pants or shorts.
  • Socks must be navy or white in grade kindergarten-5 and navy, white, or tan in grades 6-8, and worn at all times.
  • Hairstyles must be conservative with hair kept off the collar.
  • Earrings and other body piercing ornaments are not permitted. If you choose to pierce your child’s ear(s), the earring(s) must be removed before entering the school building. For fresh piercings requiring earrings to stay in during the healing process, we encourage you to get the piercing done during the summer so that it may heal before the first day of school. Otherwise, the child must cover the fresh piercings’ earring(s) with a band-aide (that you supply) or they will be asked to remove it.
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  • Girls in grades kindergarten-8 must wear navy or dark blue pants, skirts, skorts, shorts, or jumpers.
  • All bottoms must be longer than the fingertips when the arms hang at the student’s sides or no more than three inches above the knees. 
  • All girls must wear socks or tights in navy or white in grades kindergarten-8.
  • A reasonable number of earrings are permitted. Earrings must be smaller than a quarter. Only ears may be pierced.
  • Makeup is not permitted. This includes lip gloss.
  • Girls may not carry purses to class. Feminine hygiene products must be kept in their backpacks/lockers and accessed during restroom breaks.
  • Headbands are permitted in colors that match the uniform. No loud or overly accessorized headbands are permitted. Bandanas of any color are not permitted.
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