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Grandparents Day Brings Wealth of Wisdom to Center Line

One annual celebration brought plenty of wisdom and life lessons for scholars at Center Line Preparatory Academy this month: Grandparents Day.
The holiday is celebrated every year on Sept. 10, a festivity meant to honor and celebrate grandparents everywhere. Center Line’s celebration took place on Friday, Sept. 8 and scholars from all grade levels invited their grandparents to spend time with them at school, touring Center Line and learning more about what goes on at the school.

Grandparents got a tour of Center Line Preparatory Academy as a part of Grandparents Day festivities.
Cyerra Byse, a fifth-grade teacher, oversaw the event and said about 120 scholars signed up to bring their elders to school, something she noticed was important to the community.
“Grandparents wanted to feel connected and know what the school is doing,” Byse said. “They just felt like, ‘Hey, I'm in my grandchild's life. I care about their education. I kind of want to do more with the school.’ It was more so tailored to us building that relationship with the grandparents.”

Scholars at Center Line Preparatory Academy enjoyed the day with their grandparents on Sept. 8, celebrating Grandparents Day.
The combined life experience inside of Center Line’s halls was exponentially higher for the day, as grandparents shared stories of their high school experiences. The overflowing knowledge and anecdotes came at a perfect time as September’s Moral Focus virtue to learn and practice is Wisdom.
Grandparents shared the wisdom they gained from their school experiences, and many mentioned they would love to go back and tell teachers the impact they made.

Scholars were excited to share what their life at school was like with their grandparents at Center Line Preparatory Academy.
“The whole thing was centered around ‘Pearls of Wisdom,’” Byse said. “We got to learn some of the things that they experienced in school and those lessons they learned. The event tied into wisdom because we got to hear wise words from people who've been through life.”

Wisdom was aplenty at Center Line Preparatory Academy for Grandparents Day.
Scholars and their grandparents alike enjoyed the event. Grandparents felt the excitement from all of the things happening at Center Line, while scholars were overjoyed to give a glimpse of what their days are like.
From Young Fives to high school seniors, scholars shared a connection point – loving their grandparents.
“It's kind of hard to kind of try to intertwine K-2 scholars with 9-12 scholars,” Byse said. “Everybody is able to connect with the fact that everybody loves their grandparents and their grandparents love them. It was great just seeing the school come together and just bringing the families in.”

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