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Capstone Academy Will Have Your Child Fully Prepared for College

It’s never too early to think about a child’s college or career prospects. Capstone Academy offers programs and resources that will give students the tools to make it to college and be successful in their career.

College prep begins on Day 1 as students are trained to think, communicate, and problem-solve in ways that will instill college-preparedness skills. Activities such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Night give students exposure to college clubs and organizations, along with hands-on experiences that open their eyes to possible careers.

Capstone will begin with students in kindergarten to sixth grade, but as the school grows, they will have plenty of opportunities to advance their education past high school.

High schoolers at National Heritage Academies (NHA) schools are offered more than 20 Advanced Placement programs that allow them to earn college credit through dual enrollment. NHA also offers an Early College Program, a five-year educational plan that allows your student to complete high school in three years and go on to earn an associate degree or certificate – tuition-free. The program, which began in 2019, can help save thousands in tuition and begins as early as their freshman year of high school.

Students and parents at NHA schools can learn strategies to prepare them for life at college and have access to resources through College Readiness Programs. NHA schools often hold college fairs and career days, making it convenient for parents and students to see a variety of colleges, universities, skilled trade or job programs, and armed services recruiters in one location.

These events go beyond providing information on particular schools and get into the minutiae of sending your child to college. They can help families firm up their application list and guide them on how to complete college applications, how to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as well as other college financial aid information. Families will also learn how to ask and receive letters of recommendation, complete scholarship requests, gather items needed for applications, and do interviews with college representatives.

“I often tell students that going through the college admissions process is like playing a game they don’t know the rules to,” College Counseling and Early College Manager Teresa Noordhoek said. “It’s the College and Career Readiness staff members’ job to help them learn the rules.”

About National Heritage Academies
National Heritage Academies (NHA) is a network of over 100 tuition-free, public charter schools across nine states, serving more than 68,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade. For more information, visit

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